Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Got Appreciation?

When I came out of church last Sunday I was overcome by a feeling of APPRECIATION. I had just taken part in a fantastic fellowship service were the choir performed the songs from Jesus Christ Superstar (one of my favorite plays). I love my congregation. Middle Collegiate Church is a social justice ministry resident on the lower-east side of Manhattan. It's one of the oldest denominations in America and I'm so happy to call it my "church home."

I was also appreciative that my family members are healthy (that includes mom and dad, sis and the girls and my step-son -- even tho I haven't heard from him in over a week), extended family and friends are good, business partners are amazing...and I have a tremendous life that just keeps getting better!

Here's the video I cut after leaving church.

I hope you're feeling the appreciation too! Keep doing whatever you're doing (as long as it's positive and not hurting you or anyone else). Give God the glory and ACT with EXPECTATION. Whatever it is you are desiring, believe that it will happen. Business is business...but do take time out to smell the coffee and gather together with those you care about.

And so it is!