Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FacyBulka Auto-Poster | A Low Cost Way to Market Your Business

Good-bye Hootsuite! Here's a low-cost way to market your business. And get's only 10 bucks!!

The FacyBulka Auto-Poster is what I use EVERY DAY to get the word out about my business. You can use the poster by either downloading or conveniently using your web browser to auto post ads to as many as 500 groups in Facebook with ease. You can also use 2 profiles with this poster, enabling you to post to over 1000 groups and two (200) pages. There's also an affiliate program earning you 20% on each sale.

This amazing program saves me a BUNCH of time while marketing my Feeder Matrix business!! If you are working from home, have a small business with an even smaller budget or just want to save money...than this auto, multi-poster is for YOU!!


FacyBulka  Vs. Hootsuite

FacyBulka: post to 500 Group + 200 Managed Pages + 200 Liked Pages
Hootsuite:  post to 50 Group or pages

FacyBulka: $10 one-time fee
Hootsuite:  $9 Monthly fee

I'd love to hear what you think about this poster. Reach out to me on Facebookk at

Peace, Prosperity + Providence,

Lynn Hamilton
Business Developer | Phone Coach